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Seagate Ironwolf 6TB ST6000VN001 3.5in NAS Hard Drive

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The Seagate Ironwolf 6TB ST6000VN001 3.5in NAS Hard Drive features a 5,400 RPM spindle speed, 256MB cache and SATA 6GB/s interface. IronWolf drives are NAS-optimised for 24x7 in NAS enclosures. Tuned with AgileArray and multi-user technology, IronWolf allows you to do more with your NAS.


Seagate Ironwolf 6TB ST6000VN001 3.5in NAS Hard Drive features


Formatted capacity (512 bytes/sector) 6000GB (6TB)
Guaranteed sectors 11,721,045,168
Heads 8
Disks 4
Bytes per sector (emulated at 512-byte sectors) 4096 (physical)
Default sectors per track 63
Default read/write heads 16
Default cylinders 16,383
Recording density 2197 kB/in
Track density (avg) 540 ktracks/in
Areal density (avg) 900 Gb/in
SATA interface transfer rate 600 MB/s
Maximum data transfer rate 190 MB/s
ATA data-transfer modes supported PIO modes: 0 to 4
Multiword DMA modes: 0 to 2
Ultra DMA modes 0 to 6
Cache buffer 256MB
Height (max) 26.1mm / 1.028 in
Width (max) 101.6mm (± 0.25) / 4.0 in (± 0.010)
Length (max) 146.99mm / 5.787 in
Weight (typical) 610g / 1.345 lb
Average latency 6.0 ms
Power-on to ready (typ) 15.0s
Standby to ready (typ) 15.0s
Startup current (typical) 12V 1.8A
Voltage tolerance (including noise) 5V ±5%
12V ±10%
Non-Operating (Ambient °C) –40° to 70°
Operating ambient temperature (min °C)
Operating temperature (drive case max °C) 70°
Temperature gradient 20°C per hour max (operating)
30°C per hour max (non-operating)
Relative humidity 5% to 90% (operating)
% to 95% (non-operating)
Relative humidity gradient (max) 30% per hour
Wet bulb temperature (max) 30°C max (operating)
40°C max (non-operating)
Altitude, operating –304m to 3048m
(–1000 ft to 10,000 ft)
Altitude, non-operating (below mean sea level, max) –304m to12,192m
(–1000 ft to 40,000+ ft)
Operational shock (max) 70 Gs at 2ms
Non-operational shock (max) 250 Gs at 2ms
Vibration, operating 10Hz to 22Hz: 0.25 Gs, Limited displacement
22Hz to 350Hz: 0.50 Gs
350Hz to 500Hz: 0.25 Gs
Vibration, non-operating 5Hz to 22Hz: 3.0 Gs
22Hz to 350Hz: 3.0 Gs
350Hz to 500Hz: 3.0 Gs
Idle 2.6 bels (typical)2.7 bels (max)
Seek 2.7 bels (typical)2.8 bels (max)
Non-recoverable read errors 1 per 1014 bits read
Rated workload Average annualized workload rating: <180TB/year.The specifications for the product assumes the I/O workload does not exceed the average annualized workload rate limit of 180TB/year. Workloads exceeding the annualized rate may degrade and impact reliability as experienced by the particular application. The average annualized workload rate limit is in units of TB per calendar year.
Warranty To determine the warranty for a specific drive, use a web browser to access the following web page: this page, click on “Is my Drive under Warranty”. Users will be asked to provide the drive serial number, model number (or part number) and country of purchase. The system will display the warranty information for the drive.
Load/unload cycles 600,000 at 25°C, 50% rel. humidity
Supports hotplug operation per the Serial ATA Revision 3.2 specification Yes
Backed by a 3 year Seagate warranty.

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