KVM / AV Switches

  • ATEN CS-1794 4 Port USB HDMI KVMP Switch with Audio & USB Hub

    With its unique design and innovative features, the CubiQ CS1794 USB 2.0 HDMI KVMP Switch provides both style and functionality for today's multimedia SOHO environment.By combining a 4-port switch with a 2-port USB 2.0 hub, the CS1794 provides seamless HDMI signal switc…


  • ATEN CS-22U 2-Port USB Cable KVM Switch

    The CS22U is a 2-port USB cable KVM switch that provides a simple and quick method of selecting computers - a built-in remote port selector. This allows the CS22U unit to be hidden from sight, while the remote port selector can be placed conveniently on the desktop. The…


    ETA: 31/03/20 This item is expected to arrive into our warehouse around 31/03/20
  • mbeat 4 Port Powered HDMI Switch with Remote Control

    The mbeat mini 4x1 HDMI switch allows multiple HDMI devices such as HD gaming consoles, Bluray players, DVD players as well as HD set top boxes to be connected to a single display unit. With support for resolutions of 480i, 480p, 720i,720p, 1080i &1080p as well as high…


  • StarTech 2 Port USB DisplayPort Cable KVM Switch

    The SV211DPUA 2-Port DisplayPort Cable KVM Switch with Audio and Remote Switching Control lets you control two DisplayPort, USB equipped PCs with a single monitor, keyboard, mouse and audio peripheral set. To help organise your desk without sacrificing work space, th…


    ETA: 03/04/20 This item is expected to arrive into our warehouse around 03/04/20