Networking Tools

  • Crimping Tool for RJ45 RJ11

    This ratchet type crimping tool allows you to cut and strip network cables for situations that require custom length cables. It easily crimps the connectors into place and supports 8 pin RJ-45, 6 pin RJ-12 and 4 pin RJ-11 connectors.…


  • Jakemy JM-P15 17 Piece Network Repair Tool Set

    The Jakemy JM-P15 17 Piece Network Repair Tool Set is a high quality kit featuring a range of tools such as a wire stripper, pliers, punch down tool, screwdrivers, tweezers, tape, multimeter, network tester and more. It's the perfect tool set for anyone that is a networ…


  • RJ45 Connectors Pack of 20

    This 20 pack of RJ45 connectors allows you to easily create your own networking cables using a crimping tool. The connectors are transparent and 8P8C CAT5e.…