Rapoo Keyboards

Experience supreme comfort and awesome innovation with Rapoo keyboards, available at PC Case Gear. Rapoo keyboards are thin, lightweight and boast a number of incredible features to make life easier for you. They include intelligent multimedia touch keys, tactile feedback and built in touchpads - while they even have waterproof keyboards. You can find a keyboard to suit any need, whether you want a sturdy, high performance gaming keyboard, or a strong but portable option for work on the go. Check out the full range of Rapoo keyboards available through PC Case Gear online now and shop in the convenience of your own home.

  • Rapoo 8900P 5G Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

    The Rapoo 8900P wireless combo features an ultra-thin keyboard with intelligent multimedia touch keys with automatic lighting, multimedia keys with tactile feedback and an ultra-thin 4.00mm design and a wireless mouse with 800/1600 DPI switching on the go. Specifica…


  • Rapoo 9060 2.4Ghz Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo Set

    The Rapoo 9060 2.4Ghz Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo Set features a reliable 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity for up to 10 meters, long lasting battery life, 1000 DPI mouse, media controls and an ultra small nano reciever allowing you to plug it and forget about it.…


  • Rapoo E6100 Bluetooth Keyboard White

    The Rapoo E6100 ultra-slim keyboard is compatible with the first generation iPad to the latest generation of Apple products and many android devices. It features Bluetooth 3.0 technology with a 10 metre transmission range, a 5.6mm stainless steel design, scissor keys an…


  • Rapoo X1900 Wireless Optical Keyboard Mouse Combo

    The Rapoo X1900 Wireless Optical Keyboard Mouse Combo features a wireless optical mouse with 1000 DPI tracking for smooth cursor control and a wireless keyboard with media controls and up to a 12 month battery life. The combo features an ultra tiny NANO receiver - it's…