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This is my case. There are many like, but this one is mine!

The Case is the most visually important part of any Gaming System. It is the housing for your hardware and is available in a variety of styles and sizes with ever evolving features. A Computer Case can range anywhere from a budget orientated unit to a true work of art. It can be placed under the desk, next to the desk, onto the desk, or even mounted to a wall. PC Cases can be built for silence or even showing off. Each Chassis has a character and selecting the right PC Case for you can be a difficult choice.

Buying a PC case and what to look out for

When purchasing a Computer Case for your new Gaming System there are several things to consider. One major element is, of course, how the Case looks but its functionality and hardware support are important as well. Here are some pointers for PC Chassis shopping:
  • Which ATX Form factor do you need?
    The Form factor of the Computer Case has to be at least as large as your Motherboard. For instance an Mini-ITX Motherboard will fit in every Case, but a ATX Motherboard will not fit into a Mini-ITX Case.
  • How big should the Case be overall?
    In general, the larger the Case, the easier it is to install hardware and do cable management.
  • What kind of Hardware should you install?
    Graphics Cards can be quite beefy examples of hardware and rather long. Make sure any Graphics Card you’re considering will fit into your new Case both in terms of length and depth.
  • Do you want a Chassis optimised for air or liquid cooling?
    A PC Case built for air cooling should have clearance to fit tall CPU Tower Coolers. For liquid cooling you need plenty of room for Radiators.
  • Do you want an Enclosure with pre-installed sound dampening materials?
    For building a Silent Gaming PC, or Home Office PC, you might want to look at PC Cases with pre-installed sound dampening materials.
  • Do you want RGB, Tempered Glass, or any other special features?
    As with every aspect of daily live there are always new trends in regards to Computer Chassis. RGB lighting, side panels made from tempered glass, vertically mounted Graphics Cards and the USB Type C Port are just some of the latest innovations. Should you want to truly build a unique PC system, they’re definitely worth looking into.