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  • Brateck Acoustic Desktop Privacy Panel with Felt Surface

    With Lumivida's Desktop Privacy Panels installed, privacy is once again achieved while still maintaining the benefits of an open workspace design. Manufactured using eco-friendly recycled polyester fibre materials. These privacy panels also absorb up to 85% of ambient n…


  • Brateck Anti-fatigue Standing Mat (510 x 762 x 20mm)

    The Brateck anti-fatigue standing mat is a good choice for reducing fatigue that comes from standing on hard surfaces. The bevelled edge prevents tripping injury and larger size provides you with more comfortable space. 52cm x 77cm in size. Backed by a Brateck 1 year w…


  • Cooler Master FM510 Protect and Serve Gaming Floor Mat

    The Cooler Master FM510 Protect and Serve gaming floor mat is made to compliment your chair and protect your floor. The mat has a 1400 x 1105 x 3 mm size and is made of a 100% natural rubber base.…


  • Cougar Command Floor Mat

    The COUGAR COMMAND Gaming Chair Floor Mat prevents scratching the floor when moving your chair around during intense gaming sessions.Made with hard wearing fabric, relieve concern thanks to this 1100 x 1100 x 4 mm Mat.…


  • noblechairs Memory Foam Pillow Set Black

    The noblechairs Memory Foam Pillow Set Black is a premium cushion set for noblechairs EPIC, ICON and HERO. It provides neck and lumbar support, increased ergonomics and comfort, and includes a stitched noblechairs logo.…