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HDMI Cables

An HDMI cable is used to link a computer, or other device such as DVD player or digital camcorder, to a TV, monitor or other piece of equipment for displaying, or recording the video data sent across the cable. HDMI cables can also be used to carry Ethernet network data. Buying an HDMI cable is pretty straight forward. For most uses, the features of the cable will not really be a consideration. However, for some uses, more advanced cables will be required. The single most important choice when buying an HDMI cable, is the speed. HDMI cables come in two speeds. Standard speed and high speed.

Standard Speed HDMI Cables

Standard speed HDMI cables can carry a video signal up to 1080p in resolution. For many uses, this is an acceptably high resolution. However, the standard cable speed is becoming less available. Most HDMI cables you buy online are going to be high speed cables.

High Speed HDMI Cables (HDMI v1.4 and above)

A high speed HDMI cable can carry resolutions far beyond 1080p. All the way up to 4k resolution, and even beyond. Considering the price difference between standard and high speed cables, it makes good sense to buy a high speed HDMI cable, so that it will be useful in the future if you want to connect devices that use a high resolution video signal.