Audio System Components

Turn up the volume and convenience with a wide range of quality audio components from PC Case Gear. Get combo jack adapters from the likes of Sennheiser to cater for stereo and microphone audio through one jack. Serious gamers can enhance their experience with headphone amplifiers or by adding High Resolution Audio devices. You can also add extra ports for audio with USB adapters that will allow you to use external mics and devices with your PC or Mac. Check out the full range of audio system components available at PC Case gear online now. Feel free to contact one of our consultants if you would like more information regarding any of the products available.

  • AntLion Audio Y Headset Adapter

    The AntLion Audio Y adapter allows you to use your ModMic on your game console. It features a solid state design, making it compact in size with no flexible parts. This durable design means it will last longer, and the compact size ensures it won’t be adding additiona…


  • Audio-Technica 3.5mm to USB Adapter

    The Audio Technica Mini jack to USB adapter lets you turn any headphone, microphone or headset with 3.5 mm plug into a USB compatible device. It comes equipped with microphone and headphone inputs, a mute button and volume control and will provide plug-in power for micr…


  • Audioengine D1 Premium 24-Bit DAC / Headphone Amp

    The Audioengine D1 is the perfect digital interface between your computer and music system and will improve the sound of your music. And since it's powered by USB, the D1 is also a high-quality portable computer headphone amplifier. Review "..the new D1 is…


  • Roccat Juke Virtual 7.1 + USB Stereo Soundcard & Headset Adapter

    The ROCCAT Juke Virtual 7.1 + USB Stereo Soundcard & Headset Adapter is a gaming-grade sound card that brings your stereo headset to the next level. Delivering premium quality virtual 7.1 surround sound, the Juke takes the form of a USB sound card compatible with a wide…


  • Sennheiser BT T100 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

    Upgrade your home entertainment system with this sleek Bluetooth audio transmitter. The BT T100 lets you easily connect your wireless headphones to your stationary sound equipment. Thus, you can enjoy freedom of movement at home while listening to your music or watching…


    ETA: 30/11/18 This item is expected to arrive into our warehouse around 30/11/18
  • Sennheiser PCV05 Stereo Combo Jack Adapter for Apple/Xbox/PS4

    The Sennheiser PCV05 adapter converts the traditional split stereo/microphone cable into the newer stereo/mic combo jack commonly used in phones, consoles and other portable devices. Whether you need to use the PCV 05 Audio Combo Adapter for Mac depends on the audio out…