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PCCG Gaming PCs

Get into PC Gaming with Australia’s best custom Gaming PCs!

As Australia's leading and most popular multi award winning gaming PC builder, we offer a wide selection of premium gaming computers designed and built to give you the most powerful PC for the budget. We proudly design our systems to offer you the best performance in gaming by correctly balancing the components in each budget for the best overall performance rather than meaningless selling points designed to confuse less tech savvy customers.

Having served the enthusiast and DIY PC builder community for over 20 years now, our motivation for building our own PCs was to put a stop to the trend of big box stores making CPU/RAM heavy systems to impress with big numbers while dedicating less budget to the lesser understood but vastly more important component for gaming: the graphics card! For this reason, we proudly display the most important component for any gaming PC right in the title, and offer a range of configurations built around it.

Each of our gaming PCs is built on location in Melbourne for the ultimate gaming experience using quality, reliable off the shelf branded components that we know we can stand by. Every component in your Gaming PC will be listed specifically and the information on each part easily accessible via the product page so you will know exactly what you are investing in – no hidden surprises.

We pride ourselves in providing you with a fast system, bloat free system with only the latest drivers and software for your components on a clean Windows install. All of our custom builds have the operating system installed on an solid state drive for super-fast boot and operation. Your PC is yours to setup exactly how you want it and completely bloatware free – no annoying popups and trial versions of software slowing your system down right out of the box!

Our experts make sure your new custom built PC is ready to go as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. All our pre-built systems are backed by a 2 year or even 3 year warranty with shipping covered by us both ways and handled by our team on site for ultimate peace of mind.

Ready To Ship Pre-Built Gaming PCs

Our range of pre-built Gaming PCs cover entry level for those looking to get into mainstream gaming or eSports titles right up to the extreme end of performance for ultra-high resolution and high refresh rate gaming with even the most demanding titles. We offer a range of systems for a wide range of graphics cards paired with platforms from both the Intel Core and AMD Ryzen ranges of processors.

Ready to ship systems are built, tested, packed, and held in stock ready to ship right away so you do not have to worry about selecting compatible components or time assembling and testing – the PC is ready to go as soon as you order or re-stocked within 1-2 business days.

If you need guidance on which system may best suit your needs and budget, you can reach out to our friendly customer service team via [email protected] for no obligation advice and recommendations.

Customisable Gaming PCs

Our custom PC builder lets you tweak and balance the components to your own liking to make your own dream PC with the safety net of components selected to be compatible. If you wish to dedicate more of your budget to CPU and RAM for a more workstation hybrid – you have the freedom to do so!

Your custom spec PC will be custom built to the same high standards as our pre-built range and will be backed by the same 2-year warranty with shipping covered both ways as standard. Our team will look over your final selection and let you know of any potential issues if they arise, so you can have full confidence your system will be ready to game straight away!

We have made the system as easy as possible for you, our range is spread out across wide groups of components from the entry level right up to top tier – just pick out the platform you’d like to start from and customise from there. All available options will be limited to in stock components, so no need to worry about finding out some parts of your dream PC build are not in stock!

This is a great option if you wish to spec your own system or simply make some changes to one of our pre-built systems. If you are an advanced user looking for something even more specific, head over to our Services section for our Full Custom Assembly Service to have a system built using our full range of hardware!

Professional Systems

For professionals looking for the perfect work from home or office PC setup right up to a high-end workstation – we have got you covered! We offer a range of both pre-built systems for a fast built, tested and in stock solution, as well as customisable options for something more specific.

We know every business has different needs, so we’re here to assist you in creating the perfect spec to get the job done – if you need something more specific, we have a Full Custom Assembly service available in our Services section. Our friendly customer service team is available to help design a system or multiple systems for your business needs, reach out today via [email protected] and let us take care of the rest!

Full Custom Assembly

Our Full Custom Assembly service is exactly how it sounds! If you want a system built to exactly your specifications – this is the service for you. Simply add this to your cart along with all the parts for your dream build, and expert builders will make your dream PC a reality.

This option is fantastic for specific needs or those with all the skills to build their own but not the time – let us take care of that for you and enjoy the added benefit of a full system warranty. If this option is for you, head over to our Services section and get your dream PC underway today!