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Cool your PC with top of the line cooling solutions

All the computational power in the world will amount to nothing without a decent PC cooling system in place. With PC Case Gear’s help, you can ensure that your rig runs at its optimum performance level no matter how hot the competition gets.

In our PC Cooling category you can find both air and water PC coolers for your gaming rig. CPU cooling is a particularly important factor for your Gaming-PC’s performance. You can choose coolers ranging from low-profile CPU coolers for mITX builds up to the largest tower coolers for brute-force air cooling.

Another great option for cooling your CPU is an all-in-one liquid cooler. AIOs (or CLC: closed liquid cooling) combine the best of water and air cooling, making them both powerful and easy to maintain.

While Graphics Cards are usually equipped with effective cooler design out of the box, you can squeeze even more performance out of them with water cooling. You can find everything you need to build a custom water cooling loop for your system here at PC Case Gear!

PC Coolers range from low budget options to pricier high-end solutions. Cooling a PC both effectively and efficiently can provide some challenges. The easiest way to ensure good cooling for your hardware is a case with a mesh front, some decent case fans and a big CPU Tower Cooler.

Massive heat sinks on CPU air coolers offer a large surface area for temperature exchange and are best combined with good fans. Fans for CPU coolers and as intake fans for your case can range from high performance to silent models.

Keep in mind though, that the hot air needs to get out of your case as well. Making a properly functioning exhaust can be tricky. When you have more fans sucking fresh air into your system, you create overpressure. This means the warm air will try to escape the PC case through any opening possible.

The opposite of overpressure is negative pressure. When you have too many fans pushing air out of your case, fresh air (and dust) will try to get inside the system through any openings.

Laptop cooling & other PC cooling components

With the ever-increasing performance of laptops Cooling becomes a more and more important topic. Laptop coolers prevent your mobile hardware from throttling due to overheating. This way you can get the full performance out of your laptop irrespective of whether you’re in the office or on the road.

Thermal pads, thermal compound and cleaning pads are essential for PC maintenance. Over time it is advisable to regularly clean your PC Cooling system to ensure that it runs at its peak performance. Although cleaning case fans and is relatively easy, replacing thermal compound is a more involved process requiring the CPU cooler to be unmounted. In general, it is recommended to apply fresh thermal compound every 2 years.

To maintain your graphics card, you’ll have to both swap out the thermal compound and replace old thermal pads with new ones. Since this process might void your warranty, you should only do this after 3-4 years. It is not essential to maintain your GPU in this way, but performance could drop slightly if you don't.