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Mice & Mouse Pads

Get your new Gaming Mouse & Mouse Pad right here, right now!

A great Gaming Mouse is the best tool in a Pro Gamer’s toolbox. Whether you are playing first-person shooters or navigating your way around a popular MMO, your Gaming Mouse is responsible for pointing the way. But choosing the right one from all the Gaming Mice out there can be tough. Gaming Mice, Keyboards, and Headphones are the essential peripherals for any Gamer.

The first point to consider is that there are specific Gaming Mice for right-handed and left-handed gamers. In fact, some Gaming Mice are made for ambidextrous use i.e. use with either hand. The second aspect is the mouse’s grip, that is if you are more of a Palm, Fingertip or Claw grip type of Gamer. The kind of grip you prefer will essentially dictate the form of your new Computer Mouse.

Are you someone who plays MMOs and needs multiple programmable buttons? Or are two buttons and a mouse wheel sufficient for you to play a first person shooter? Maybe you’re somewhere in between? These days most buttons on Gaming Mice can be programmed by their own dedicate software or in-game menus. The same usually works for RGB lighting.

A laser, or optical, sensor is next on the list. What do you prefer? And how great a DPI do you need? DPI (Dots per Inch) is the measurement for both speed and precision. Most Gaming Mice have up to 16,000 DPI that can be adjusted directly on the Mouse or via software.

The USB Polling Rate is the speed at which your Gaming Mouse transmits sensor information to your Gaming PC. Data transfer between your Gaming Mouse and your PC can be done by cable or wireless via Bluetooth or an RF signal. Also, wireless Mice do not require cable management.

LOD (or Lift Off Distance) is the height above the table surface at which the mouse’s sensor will stop registering movement. A low LOD means that only a slight gap between your Gaming Mouse and its surface will cause the sensor to stop working. Whereas a high LOD means the mouse’s sensor will continue working even with a momentary break in contact with the surface. This aspect is particularly important when repositioning your Mouse on its Pad.

Mouse Meets Pad

Every Gaming Mouse needs a place to stay. Mouse Pads are the natural hunting grounds for Gaming Mice and each Mouse needs its own habitat. Mouse Pads can have different surface types, some optimised for speed and others for precision. And, depending on the Mouse's Sensor, you will need a specialised surface material for optimal Sensor precision.

Size actually does matter. Today there are Mouse Pads available that can cover an entire Gaming Desk. Such a large form factor mouse pad lets you rest your Keyboard comfortably on its surface. Such Mouse Pads help you be less error-prone due to slipping. As well as that the majority of Mouse Pads have washable surface materials and some can even be cleaned by a washing machine.