Canless Air System

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Tools & Screws

  • O2 Hurricane 320+ Canless Air System

    The O2 Hurricane is a powerful canless air system designed for cleaning computers, keyboards, camera lenses, mirrors, workshops, desks and much more. It produces a blast of air at over 320km/h and can run continuously for over 10 minutes. It can be charged over 500 time…


  • O2 Hurricane Canless Air System ESD Safe

    The ESD Safe O2 Hurricane is designed for use in clean rooms and won't harm or damage solid state electronic components and integrated circuits like traditional cans of compressed air. Tested and proven to measure in the static dissipative range of 10E+9 ohms. Produces…


  • O2 Hurricane Uber Edition Canless Air System

    With the O2 Hurricane Canless Air: Uber Edition, there's finally have a viable alternative to canned air. Each charge of the O2 Hurricane Canless Air: Uber Edition's batteries gives you the equivalent of 20 cans of canned air, but without the chemicals, greenhouses gase…


  • X3 Hurricane 400+ kmh Canless Air System

    Introducing the brand new X3 Hurricane! This is by far our strongest unit ever. It produces an incredible blast of air at over 400 km/h and runs for over 15 minutes straight. If you loved our earlier units you will be blown away by the extreme power and the quieter soun…


  • O2 Hurricane Attachment Kit

    On sale! (normally $10) The Canless Air System attachment kit is designed to be used with an O2 Hurricane and is perfect for users who need to get into very hard to reach places or have other specialised cleaning needs. Includes an extra long flexible straw that can be…


  • Holster for O2 Hurricane Canless Air System

    On sale! (normally $15) Holster accessory for the Standard & Industrial O2 Hurricane Canless Air System units allowing you to easily carry the unit wherever you go. *O2 Hurricane not included.…