Optical Drives & Media

Optical Drives & Media

  • TDK Blu-Ray 25GB with Jewel Case 5 Pack

    TDK Blu-ray discs make recording HD video and backing up large data directories possible. Each single layer 25GB disc provides 5x the storage of a conventional DVD allowing for 2 hours of HD quality video while supporting a throughput of 72Mbps.…


  • TDK CD-R 52x White Printable - Spindle of 50

    On sale! (normally $15) TDK 700Mb 52x CD-R 50 Pack Spindle Write once CD-R Discs are formatted for CD-R burners Each CD-R can hold up to 700 MB or 80 Minutes of recording video Record at speeds up to 52 x These 50 CD-R discs come on a spindle for storage…


  • TDK DVD+R 16x White Printable - Spindle of 50

    Personalize every aspect of your DVD's by printing colourful, eye-catching images, text and graphics on the DVD surface itself. The inkjet-ready extra fine matte surface makes it possible to print customised artwork directly onto the disc’s label side with no cumberso…