• Lite-On eBAU108 External Slim USB 2.0 DVDRW White

    The ultra-slender and ultra-chic eBAU108 is the world’s lightest external DVD drive, is merely 220grams and 13.5mm height that easily slips into your bag whenever you need to use an optical drive. The USB-powered design makes eBAU108 more portable and convenient to ta…


  • Lite-On ES1 Ultra Slim External DVD Writer Black

    Experience the convenience of the world's lightest DVD writer. Lite-On's ES1 is a super slim, super compact and ultra-light drive that's easy to carry. It's a handy drive to slip into your bag for whenever you need to install an application from disc, backup some videos…


  • Lite-On IHAS124 24X DVDRW OEM

    Lite On's iHAS124 records DVD-R media at speeds up to 24x and DVD+R DL discs at 8x. The drive features 2 MB buffer and automatic buffer underrun error protection, SMART-BURN, SMART-X and SmartWrite technologies for seamless DVD and CD writing.…