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Lian Li SL120 Uni Fan ARGB PWM 120mm Black 3 Pack

ETA: 18/12/20 This item is expected to arrive into our warehouse around 18/12/20.
The Lian Li SL120 Uni Fan ARGB PWM 120mm Black 3 Pack is a modular fan that can be used by itself or connected with 3 other. It features a slide-in/interlocking mechanism, pin-to-pin contact point for receiving power and signal, 32 ARGB LEDs embedded, fluid dynamic fan bearing, a controllable fan speed range of 800~1,900 RPM via the L-connect software, and includes a controller.


Designated cable modules

Each UNI FAN features a cable module with a PIN-to-PIN contact point to receive power and signal. Each cable module can support up to 4 UNI FAN SL120s, allowing users to choose to use either a single fan or up to 4 fans.

Sophisticated RGB lighting

The 32 addressable RGB LEDs embedded in each fan (16 LEDs on either side of the frame) ensure vibrant lighting effects.

Vibrant RGB lighting visible from all angles

The 16 LEDs on each side shine through a diffuser, ensuring a smooth light is visible from all angles.

L-Connect software - For a more intuitive fan control

With the toggle of a switch, changing control between motherboard software and the L-Connect is a breeze.

More durable, extremely silent

Premium look, exquisite detailing

Machine-detailed aluminum frame

Aluminum logo badge

A designated Uni fan controller to easily manage 16 fans in one go

If the motherboard used in your build doesn’t have the requisite 3-PIN 5V ARGB headers, you can leave this port unplugged.

But then you won’t be able to switch to motherboard synchronisation with the toggle shown on the L-Connect.

For user who do not want to use the controller box, the UNI FAN SL120’s RGB connector can also be connected directly to the motherboard 5V header. For motherboard that supports 5v ARGB LEDs, it should come with an adaptor cable as picture shown above. The ARGB connector from the SL120 can connect to this adaptor cable then directly to the motherboard 5v 3 pin header.

Note: To fully control up to 16 UNI FAN SL120s (4 fans each cluster) in one go either through the built-in L-Connect software or the motherboard software, users must use the designated UNI FAN controller included in the 3 pack packages. Please note that the single pack version does not contain this controller and thus we recommend users to purchase at least one 3 pack for their build.


Model UNI FAN SL120
Fan Dimension 122.8 X 122.4 X 25 ( mm )
Rated Voltage DC 12V(FAN) & 5V(LED)
Fan Speed 800~1900RPM
Max. Air Pressure 2.54mmH2O
Max. Air Flow 58.54CFM
Acoustical Noise (Min-Max.) 17dB ~ 31dB
Locked Current >= 0.5mA
Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Bearing(FDB)
Operation Voltage DC 12V & 5V
Start-up Voltage DC 6.0V
Input Current 0.18A(FAN) / 0.6A (LED)
Input Power 3.5Wat
Note When using the UNI FAN SL120 in a custom watercooling configuration, make sure that the fittings on the radiators do not interfere with the contact point on the side of the fans. Lian Li suggest to use the insulating tape to isolate contact points.
Backed by a 1 year Lian Li warranty.

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