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  • Finalmouse Classic Ergo 2 Gaming Mouse Red
  • Finalmouse Classic Ergo 2 Gaming Mouse Red

  • Finalmouse Classic Ergo 2 Gaming Mouse Red

  • Finalmouse Classic Ergo 2 Gaming Mouse Red
On sale! (normally $99) The wait is finally over. The favourite of Pro's and casual gamers alike is back, and it's now equipped with the latest 3360pmw sensor by Pixart. The original classic ergo solidified Finalmouse as the industry standard for esports tracking, aim, and sensor implementation. But now, equipped with the greatest esports sensor ever made, the Classic Ergo 2 will solidify its place as a legend amongst professional gamers.

We didn't make any changes to the shape of the Classic Ergo 2, everything feels the same as it does on the legendary original Classic. Why mess with ergonomic perfection? With a shape tailored specifically for Pro Gamers, the Classic's form factor provides the perfect ergonomic shape for high level play, and can be effortlessly picked up and repositioned during the most intense movements.

The original Classic Ergo was one of the lightest mice in the world, making its weight one of the most coveted aspects amongst the Esports community and pro's alike. The Classic Ergo 2 is remarkably 2 grams lighter since the 3360 sensor ditches the old illumination kit for integrated illumination within the chipset.

The Classic Ergo 2 boasts the new industry leading pmw3360 esports sensor by Pixart. With a higher framerate, integrated illumination, and enhanced tracking ability, the 3360 is the pinnacle in sensor technology. This means raw, snappy, 1:1 tracking that is trusted by Pro's as being the best in the world. The Classic Ergo 2 also maintains familiar MCU and firmware algorithms from the original classic ergo to retain that perfect feel that made the Classic a favourite amongst the most serious pro aimers. There is a reason people still use the original ergo even with its outdated sensor, so we wanted to make sure we not only brought in a better sensor but also maintained the Classic's recipe for great feeling sensor implementation. Part of that means: zero acceleration / zero prediction or no angle snapping/ high tracking speeds (6m/s+) / perfect lod / and optimised SROM.

The firmware for the Classic Ergo 2 ensures every line of code pushes the mouse to its performance limits, to create a fluid Brain-2-Hand-2-Game seamlessness. This means consistent and lightning fast responsiveness for both clicks and motion. Experience how it feels for your brain, hand, and crosshair to be in perfect harmony. And be able to hit small window shots like double doors on Dust2 more often with the Classic Ergo 2's low click latency.

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