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Das Keyboard Division Zero X40 Gaming Mechanical Tactile


This product has been discontinued

On sale! (normally $229, strictly while stocks last!) Introducing Division Zero, Das Keyboard's newest gaming line for Pro Gamers. The Division Zero X40 is a pro gaming mechanical keyboard equipped with new Alpha-Zulu Gaming switches specifically designed for gamers with gold contacts for gaming grade durability and speed. The X40 is also equipped with red LED backlighting, customisable metal top panels, macro keys, and full n-key rollover to take the gaming experience to the next level.

For gamers who need instant sound confirmation of their commands, the X40 Tactile is perfect for games such as Starcraft II and OSU. Being extremely fast-paced games, Starcraft II and OSU players are very familiar with fast finger and precise movements on their keyboards. In the heat of a battle, players can have up to 600 APM and each of those clicks will be a determinant towards victory. Every single key input must be confirmed by a set of trained hands and ears before performing the next set of actions.

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