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DEMCiflex Magnetic Dust Filter – Custom Side for NCASE M1


This product has been discontinued

DEMCiflex computer dust filters are designed to help keep your PC dust-free. The minimal design of the side dust filter is custom made to fit the NCASE M1 case and can be fitted to the inside or outside of the mounting, depending on your preference. This filter is ideal if the area on the case where the it needs to fit is made of a non-ferrous material, such as aluminium or acrylic. It allows for simple one-piece construction with magnetic adhesion, is reusable and easily removed for cleaning.

  • Size: 250mm x 120mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Non-ferrous. Medical grade high precision mesh. Flexible magnetic strip.
  • Completely removable in an instant
  • No mechanical installation required

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