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Monsoon HL 16/13mm Compression Fitting Red 6 Pack


This product has been discontinued

Designed for Pro Modders, Monsoon's Hardline Premium Fittings for acrylic tubing features Hard/Lock for a connection you can count on. The Free Centre Wrench design used to tighten the barb and the compression ring is perfect for tight spaces because it puts the wrench above the fitting plane giving you more room to manoeuvre than a conventional wrench. The small wrench notches on the compression ring are also a lot less noticeable than big ugly wrench flats or knurling on the side of a fitting which is normally the most visible portion when installed. Best of all eliminating the knurling gives your fingers a much needed break.

Precision machined entirely from marine grade brass with antimicrobial silver barbs/bases so you can run pure distilled or deionised water without the need to add antimicrobial additives that can lower cooling performance. The barb/base also features an internal hex for easy and secure installation and removal.

Please note: It is recommended to use Monsoon tubing with Monsoon fittings to ensure a proper fit.

  • Precision machined entirely from brass
  • Antimicrobial silver barbs/bases
  • Modular, fully interchangeable between fitting styles and across tube types
  • The Free Centre Wrench works on the barb/base and the compression ring for hassle free installation without tearing up your fingers
  • 16/13mm (ID 1/2in OD 5/8in), G1/4in outer thread, thread length 5mm, compatible with acrylic tubing
  • Knurled base on the barb to increase its grab when installed
  • Includes a black O ring and a UV O ring
  • Six antimicrobial barb/bases
  • Six Compression Rings
  • Six black 2.4mm thick high quality silicone G1/4 BSPP O rings
  • Six colour matched UV 2.4mm thick high quality G1/4 BSPP O ring
  • Six moulded Acrylic Lock Collars
  • Twelve moulded high quality black lock collar seals
  • Wrench

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