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Aqua Tuning Fillport Black Nickel


This product has been discontinued

The Aqua Tuning Fillport is a universally compatible fillport for watercooling systems. The fillport can easily be connected to the reservoir with a hose and allows comfortable refilling without having to disassemble the PC. The fillport can be installed in the top of the case and be easily reachable. The integrated O-ring allows a flush fit in the case and seals the Fillport tightly.

  • Cut a 1in (2.54cm) hole on the top or side of your case
  • Push the fillport into the hole
  • Secure the fillport with the plastic counter nut from inside of the case
  • Connect the hose with the reservoir ot t-piece fitting
  • Secure the hose with a hose clamp or zip tie

  • Material: Black nickel coated brass
  • Thread: G1/4in (hose fitting sold separately)
  • Length: 25mm (without fitting)

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