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A.C.Ryan Wireless-N 300mbps USB Adaptor


This product has been discontinued

Stream wireless between your network and Playon!HD with the latest and fastest Wireless N convenience.

* Plug-n-Play with Playon!HD
* 802.11n/b/g
* Receive up to 300Mbps (from Network to Playon!HD)
* Transmit up to 150mbps (from Playon!HD to Network)
* Security keys supported:
o WEP (64/128-bit), WPA/WPA2, WPA/WPA2-TKIP (with IEEE 802.1xx), WPA/WPA2-AES (with IEEE 802.1xx)
* Supports WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) for easy wireless security setup
* Supports WMM (WiFi MulitMedia)
* Supports Infrastructure mode (connect to Routers)
* Supports Ad-hoc mode (connect peer-to-peer with PC)
* USB2.0 / 1.1
* Can also be used as Wireless-N 300mbps USB Adaptor for your PC/Notebook

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