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Indigo Xtreme 1155/1156 2 Pack


This product has been discontinued

Indigo Xtreme (IX) represents a whole new approach to high-performance CPU cooling. IX is a precision Engineered Thermal Interface (ETI) that keeps CPUs a stunning 2-4C cooler than the highest performance greases or metallic thermal interface materials (TIMs) available today.

It's innovative and patent-pending structure deploys a highly conductive Phase Change Metal Alloy (PCMA) into all the surface micro-asperities on the CPU lid and heat sink, resulting in the lowest resistance heat path. Unlike messy greases and liquid metal interface products, IX is a self-contained and sealed structure, automatically deploying the correct amount of PCMA every time.
Based upon technology for high heat flux electronics, IX sets the new standard for thermal interface performance within the PC enthusiast community. No mere TIM can compete with Indigo Xtreme's performance.


  • Gallium-free phase change metal alloy
  • Bulk Thermal Conductivity: >20 W/mK
  • Thermal Impedance: 0.04 degrees C-cm2/W

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