Aerocool Fans

  • Aerocool P7-F12 RGB Fan 120mm

    The Aerocool P7-F12 120mm RGB Fan offers access to 16.8 million colours and 3 LED modes. Fan blade fins direct airflow to increase air pressure for maximum cooling performance and reduce air resistance and minimise noise allowing it to push 45.8CFM at 1200RPM while prod…


  • Aerocool P7-F12Pro RGB Hub and Fans 120mm 3 Pack

    The Aerocool P7-F12Pro includes an RGB Hub and three 120mm RGB fans. The P7-H1 Hub controls up to five fans compatible with both 4-pin and 3-pin connectors and allows you to customise from 16.8 million colours while the P7-F12 fans push 45.8CFM at 1200RPM while producin…


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