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Gaming Chairs & Desks

Gaming Chairs: enjoy gaming in comfort & style

What better way to enhance your PC setup than with your own dedicated gaming chair. At PCCG, we have a tremendous selection of the best seating options at a variety of price points. From high-end premium leather upholstery to budget friendly models - we have the right chair for you! All shipped direct from our Australian-based warehouse.

Is a Gaming Chair worth it?

The first thing you may be wondering is why choose a gaming chair at all? There are two main points in favour of having a dedicated chair for gaming. To begin with, many have been designed for excellent ergonomics in order to retain comfort over longer periods of time This is particularly important if you plan on gaming for extended periods or just want to maintain good posture.

The second point is aesthetics. With their angular contours creating an iconic form, you are certain to find a chair that will fit in with your gaming setup.

Which chair to go for?

Once you've decided to pick up a gaming chair, the next question is: which one? As you can see, PCCG has multiple brands. Our favourites include:

  • noblechairs - The premium gaming chair with high-end fabrics and multiple Special Editions
  • Aerocool's ThunderX3 series - sporty racing chairs with AIR Tech breathable materials
  • Nitro Concepts - Minimalist design with bright and vibrant highlights

However, that’s not all, there’s still a many topics to consider when choosing your Gaming Chair.

Effective Ergonomics

Finding the chair that is just right for you might seem daunting. After all, there are numerous configurations possible in respect to size, material and adjustability. Ergonomics is a huge topic and there are a few points you'll want to think over carefully. The key though is customisation. Typically, a gaming chair will include a variety of features to let you adjust it to your own preference.

Common features include lumbar support, adjustable armrests and of course height adjustability. Matching your chair to your body type is essential to alleviate pressure on your spine and neck, thus increasing concentration and enabling you to play for hours on end. But also be aware that a good gaming chair can function just as well for more mundane office activities, in fact, many are certified for use in the workplace.

What to look out for

Basic features include height adjustability via a gas lift, as well as adjustable arm rests, with tilt and swivel mechanisms for the back and base respectively. However, some models will go the extra mile. Offering for instance significant tilt back (125 degrees in the case of the noblechairs HERO line) perfect if you want to take a nap in between games and 4D (that's directional) adjustment for arm rests.

Yet further customisations are possible if the chair has dedicated cushions (typically these are bundled with the chair or sold separately). Generally, there are two pillows, one attaching to the top for additional neck support and one just above the seat for the back.

A solid construction is also essential, steel being a great material. Of course there should be appropriate cushioning, the noblechairs cold cure foam being a great example, and ideally, you would like a Gaming Chair with breathable fabric so that you remain comfortable even in the summer months.

You got the look

Gaming chairs don't just serve a practical function, they can really add to the aesthetics of your space. Finding one with a design that matches your taste is crucial then.

While the majority of gaming chairs bear a resemblance to what you'd find in sports cars - when you consider the different frame sizes, colours and materials available it quickly becomes apparent just how much variety there is.

Typically, gaming chairs have sharp, defined lines with figure-hugging contours and bucket seats. However, there are plenty of small details to consider, and it is the details that make the difference.

The most obvious difference between product ranges is colour. Indeed, in the case of Nitro Concepts, the vibrant colours are a defining feature. Many brands though combine compatible colours or opt for more complex patterns such as camouflage.

The upholstery is another important consideration. The vast majority of Gaming Chairs use some form of PU or imitation leather, but there are a few fabric options out there and if you want something super premium, noblechairs has a few models using napa leather.

Recent times have also seen a proliferation of gaming chairs featuring popular licences. A particularly effective partnership being Bethesda and noblechairs, who have already produced the spine-tingling DOOM and nuke-certified Fallout Special editions.

Most manufacturers also feature their logo prominently on the headrest. This means that when you're streaming, you can show your brand loyalty to all your followers.

Quality Gaming Chairs from PCCG

At PCCG we strive to ensure that all Australians can get the best PC hardware or accessories and this commitment to quality extends to gaming chairs. Don't compromise on looks or comfort - checkout our outstanding range of seating options today! Shipped direct from our Australian-based warehouse to your door.