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Gaming Chairs & Desks

Gaming Chairs & Desks: enjoy gaming in comfort & style

If you want to take on marathon gaming sessions in supreme comfort then you need a high quality gaming chair that offers perfect ergonomic support. Designed to offer complete comfort while boasting ergonomic features and a wide range of adjustability, Gaming Chairs are vital for both Gamers and Office workers. Besides an ergonomic design, extra thick padding or extra large seats can provide additional comfort.

Here at PC Case Gear you can choose between premium brands like noblechairs and more mainstream brands like Nitro Concepts. While noblechairs focuses its efforts on offering you superb and award-winning Gaming Chairs, Nitro Concepts, in addition to Gaming Chairs, offers affordable, high quality Gaming Desks.
Gaming Chair measurements

Gaming Chairs: Ergonomics meets Design

Adjustability is an important factor in respect to ergonomics. At least as important as the ability to adjust your Gaming Chair are the dimensions of the chair itself. When a Gaming Chair’s seat is too deep compared to your upper thighs length, you won’t be able to sit comfortably.

Another important measurement is the minimal depth of the seat. Your knees should be at a 90 degree angle, with your thighs parallel to the ground. Once you’ve found a Gaming Chair that matches your body-type, then you can take a closer look at the design.

Most Gaming Chairs have designs inspired by racing car seats. Black combined with vibrant colours are heavily featured, but also less ostentatious designs from noblechairs in plain black or white are quite popular with gamers. At the other extreme however, Nitro Concepts offers a Gaming Chair in urban camouflage!

Gaming Desks & Floor Mats

Gaming Desks are a great choice for your gaming setup. In particular height adjustable Gaming Desks with a large table top have great ergonomic properties to let you game in comfort. Some of these Desks for Gamer feature RGB lighting and built-in cable management options for your gaming area. For an even cleaner Gaming setup you can get Monitor Stands to mount your Monitor to the desk.

To personalise your Gaming setup even more, you could pick up a Floor Mat to both protect your floor and give your setup more flair. And when you take a break to watch a video or your favorite streamer, lean back and put your feet up on a Foot rest. Other useful accessories include monitor arms, pillow sets and cleaning products.