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Noiseblocker NB-eLoop X B14-P ARGB PWM 140mm Fan White

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The Noiseblocker NB-eLoop X B14-P ARGB PWM 140mm Fan White is a PWM controlled fan that features a bionically optimised fan with transparent blades that increase performance while using less energy and is extremely silent, vibration dampened frame, and ARGB LED lighting.



The German company Blacknoise has been manufacturing case fans since 1998 and is known for its Black Silent fan and Ultra Silent fan series. However, with the introduction of the Noiseblocker eLoop fans in 2012, the company was able to inspire fans of silent PCs in particular. Because the NB-eLoop uses a bionically optimised design, they have managed to create some impressively quiet fans. With the NB-eLoop X fan series, Noiseblocker now offers a special design fan for case modders, design lovers and RGB-LED fans alike.

  • High-performance and quiet high-tech fans from Noiseblocker
  • 120 mm format
  • Optimised bionic fan blades
  • Quality electronics with PWM control
  • max. 132.4 m³/h airflow & 28.4 dB(A)
  • Digitally addressable RGB-LEDs embedded in the frame

Attractive design with performance in mind

The new X models come in either smart black or white, making them perfect for sprucing up the interior of your gaming PC while also improving overall airflow as well - without having to compromise on noise. The new, more neutral, colour scheme means they coordinate perfectly with just about any system, allowing users full freedom to select the combination of cases and fans that they want. Even the integrated RGB lighting is reserved: a total of seven digitally addressable RGB-LEDS are embedded in the hub and these help to illuminate the transparent fan blades as well as the frame.

Bionic Fans with Unique Blade Shape

The most striking feature of the bionic fans of Noiseblocker is the unique blade shape, which makes the noise of the airflow itself significantly quieter. At the same time, the fans help focus the airflow. This enables a more directional and efficient style of air flow, offering advantages depending on where they are being used and the components they are paired with (directional air transport, airflow management, water cooling etc).

Noise and Energy Efficient

The technology that has been developed helps reduces the noise produced as a result of the air flow, with the total flow rate increased over a comparable area at the same RPM. The other consequence is an increase in energy savings during operation. In addition to the bionic (i.e. naturally occurring, simulated) fan shape and optimised electronics, the high-tech fans also feature other clever innovations. These include a newly revised NanoSLI bearing (version 2) from Noiseblocker with an encapsulated design for maximum protection against dust.

Control your cooling

The NB-eLoop X B12-P ARGB works in a range between 0 and 2000 rpm thanks to PWM technology, generating a considerable static pressure of up to 3.020 mm H2O. However, it becomes absolutely impressive when looking at the airflow, i.e. the air flow rate. A remarkable 132.4 m³/h at maximum is generated despite the low speed range. At 12 Volt and full speed the fan is still not louder than a maximum of 28.4 dB(A) - this is a remarkable achievement in the world of air cooling.

Cable management and Lighting

The NB-eLoop has cable management: Only a very short 4-pin cable is attached to the fan itself, the length of which can be varied using two supplied adapter cables. Thanks to the choice of a polycarbonate material, in particular Makrolon, the chassis is also vibration dampened and additional dampeners are still included as standard.

A total of seven digitally addressable RGB-LEDs are installed in the hub, discreetly illuminating the transparent fan blades. Thanks to the widespread 3-pin connector (5VDG), the fans can easily be connected directly to an appropriately equipped motherboard or controller. The lighting can also be controlled via ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light or Gigabyte RGB Fusion.


Dimensions 140 x 140 x 29 mm
Weight 202 g
Color White
Volume max. 29.6 dB(A)
Speed max. 0 - 1,500 rpm
Airflow max. 186 m³/h (109.47 cfm)
Start voltage 5 V
Rated voltage 12 V
Power consumption 2.88 W
Input current 0.24 A
Connection (fan) 4-pin PWM
Connection (RGB LEDs) 3-pin 5VDG
Operating life 120,000 hours
Backed by a 2 year Noiseblocker warranty.

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