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Deepcool Gamer Storm TF-120S Radiator Fan 120mm Black

The Deepcool Gamer Storm TF-120S Radiator Fan 120mm Black is a PWM controlled fan designed for radiators. It features a high-performance design that can effectively elevate maximum air pressure, turbulator teeth which significantly lower noise and vibration, rubber pads for further vibration absorption, and a hydraulic bearing for longevity.


Stronger performance

Compared to average fans, the TF120S fan wields 10% higher maximum air pressure, and 15% higher maximum airflow. By installing the TF120S fans, you can improve the performance of your radiator by an average of 10%.

Scientific basis

The max. air pressure determines fans’ penetrating power; the max. airflow determines fans’ air transmission ability; an elevation in both parameters can improve the fans’ performance comprehensively.

  • The higher the max. air pressure is, the easier it is to blow through radiators.
  • The greater the max. airflow is, the more heat can be removed from the radiator.

High-performance design

The unique wasp waist fan frame design can effectively elevate max. air pressure.

Low-noise design

Turbulator teeth are placed on the exhaust side of the frame, which can significantly lower the noise and vibration caused by the airflow. In addition, 8 rubber pads are attached on the corners of frames to further absorb vibration.

Designed for longevity

The TF120S fan uses a hydro bearing, and has a MTBF of up to 40,000 hours.

Wide speed range

The TF120S fan has a wide speed range of 500~1800 RPM, with a low speed adaptor included for users who desire silent fans.


Fan Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Net Weight 167 g
Fan Speed 500~1800 RPM±10%
Fan Airflow 64.4 CFM
Fan Air Pressure 2.33 mmAq
Fan Noise ≤32.1 dB(A)
Fan Speed (with LSP) 400~1500 RPM±10%
Fan Airflow (with LSP) 37.1 CFM
Fan Air Pressure (with LSP) 0.40 mmAq
Fan Noise (with LSP) ≤25.9 dB(A)
Fan Connector 4-pin PWM
Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Fan Rated Voltage 12 VDC
Fan Rated Current 0.15 A±10%
Fan Power Consumption 1.8 W
Backed by a 1 year Deepcool warranty.

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