Premium dual-sided 2020 ARGB light strips with high quality and bright 2020 sized addressable RGB LEDs the SilverStone LS04 ARGB Strip features uniform, dot-free lighting while remaining retaining flexibility, dual sided lighting allowing for more mounting and display options, display of any colour by use of an addressable RGB LED control box or capable motherboard, magnetic clips that provide more installation freedom and support for daisy chaining multiple light strips to expand your RGB lighting set up.


SilverStone LS04 ARGB Strip 45cm features
SilverStone LS04 ARGB Strip 45cm features 2
SilverStone LS04 ARGB Strip 45cm features 3


Model No. SST-LS04
Material 2020 addressable RGB LEDs with magnetic clips
Pin definition +5V, D, NP, G
Included Parts Addressable RGB LED strip x 2
Extension cables x 2
Length 450mm
Wattage 4.5W (5V, 0.9A)
Tandem limits Depends on controller

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SilverStone LS04 ARGB Strip 45cm product
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