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Swiftech Helix PWM Fan 120mm


This product has been discontinued

Swiftech Helix PWM Fan 120mm

The Helix 120mm PWM fan features the same great performance (high static pressure and low noise) as the Helix 120, but also includes PWM speed control. The advantage of PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) is well known for its energy efficiency, but the more immediate benefit for everyday use is that you can connect this fan to your motherboard 4-pin CPU_Fan header thus directly linking the fan speed to the CPU temperature. Fan speed is then automatically managed by the motherboard based on your preferred settings (please consult your motherboard user manual for adjustment settings). Swiftech also offers a PWM splitter cable to connect multiple fans, and thus share the PWM signal from a single 4-pin motherboard connector, which allows all the fans to work in concert depending on CPU speed.

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