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  • Polk Audio Nue Voe In-Ear Headphones Tortoise
  • Polk Audio Nue Voe In-Ear Headphones Tortoise

  • Polk Audio Nue Voe In-Ear Headphones Tortoise

  • Polk Audio Nue Voe In-Ear Headphones Tortoise
Authentic sound, personal style. Nue Voe headphones, part of the Polk Heritage Series, combine serious audiophile performance with stand-out style, for headphones that make a statement about what’s personally important to you. Because audio performance is Polk's benchmark, Polk has re-engineered what a headphone can do. They've expanded the limits of the miniature driver design with new technologies based on their own innovative research. But they haven’t forgotten that wearing headphones is something you do. So Polk have raised the bar of comfort and style to make it something you actually want to do. How does Polk achieve the kind of dynamic, immersive, wide-spectrum audio performance that the critics love about the Nue Voe? With proprietary technology that improves headphone engineering. Polk pioneered the use of single balanced-armature driver designs in in-ear headphones. They designed the tiny Nue Voe drivers using their Dynamic Balance Material Tuning process, which tunes out imperfections before they occur. This is the same tuning process they use to engineer full-sized loudspeaker drivers. Then, they combined the efficiency and low-impedance characteristics of the tuned single balanced-armature driver with an exclusive passive EQ setting, for more realistic deep bass response. This radical new combined approach to headphone design is called Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning (POET). It refines the balanced-armature driver to improve overall performance, and extends the headphone’s dynamics without overpowering your sensibilities. When you listen to Nue Voe, your music will sound richer, fuller, and more realistic, with more depth, and a wider soundstage than you have any right to expect from a headphone.

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