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  • Scythe 120mm S-FLEX 800RPM Fan
  • Scythe 120mm S-FLEX 800RPM Fan

  • Scythe 120mm S-FLEX 800RPM Fan

  • Scythe 120mm S-FLEX 800RPM Fan
Model SFF21D. This fan is equipped with genuine S-FDB (SONY Fluid Dynamic Bearing). 800rpm Version: 33.5CFM / 8.7dBA / DC12V / 0.10A.

Market Leading Low-Noise Level

S-FDB technology drastically eliminates the friction between the bearing and the shaft which makes this fan nearly inaudible to human ears. Additional suction magnet optimizes the magnetic force balance within the rotor to achieve the absolute silence. To further achieve the absolute silence, the fan is equipped with the Linear drive IC for reducing electromagnetic noise.

Outstanding Long Life of 150000 Hours

Patent Pending "S-FDB" structure allows the fan to last up to 150000 hours.

Anti-Shock Ability

Conventional ball bearing carries a point contacting structure for the rotation, which gives point supporting situations at dropping impact to damage ball bearing surface which could cause irregular noises. The S-FDB carries a surface contact mechanism for improved anti-shock structure, which is 5 times stronger than the conventional ball bearing.


Specifications for Scythe S-FLEX 12cm Case Fan

Model Number: S-FLEX SFF21D (800rpm)

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm

Specifications: 800rpm Version: 33.5CFM / 8.7dBA / DC12V / 0.10A

Connector: 3-pin (4-pin adaptor included)

Cable Length: 30cm

Bearing Type: S-FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing by SONY Corporation)

MTBF: 150 000 hours

S-FLEX is a registered trademark of SONY Corporation


"The S-Flex line of large cooling fans is awesome for anyone that is looking for quietness. These units was absolutely silent, we had to place our ear right up on the motor to hear anything. We are really impressed by todays offering from Scythe." Full review

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