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X3 Hurricane 400+ kmh Canless Air System

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Introducing the brand new X3 Hurricane! This is by far our strongest unit ever. It produces an incredible blast of air at over 400 km/h and runs for over 15 minutes straight. If you loved our earlier units you will be blown away by the extreme power and the quieter sound of this new unit.

Each unit is equal to more than 5 cans of air per charge and can be charged up to 500 times. This gives you the equivalent of over 2500 cans of traditional compressed air and now with the increased speed you get more power as well. This unit is designed for everyone. No matter how small a job or how tough the job is, the new Industrial Unit 400+ km/h will get rid of every last speck of dust.

Great for cleaning large computers, server rooms, camera lenses and mirrors, high end medical equipment, displays in retail stores, complex circuit boards and so much more. This unit will clean anything, no job is too tough!

For hard to reach places, check out the O2 Hurricane Attachment Kit which comes with an extra long flexible straw, 45 degree nozzle and a brush attachment.

Comes with a Lifetime warranty!

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