The G35 offers full 7.1 support in order to allow positional audio. The headset is able to "simulate" the acoustics of a listening room, which reproduces an "outside-the-head sound field". The headphone is closed, reducing external noise. The headset is completed with the inclusion of an integrated headset, which comes complete with software allowing real-time voice morphing. The software can be controlled in Ventrilo or Teamspeak using three G-keys that are situated on the left earpiece. This includes "on ear" controls that allow the user to mute the microphone, make surround sound adjustments, and adjust volume. 2-year limited hardware warranty.

To ensure comfort across a range of different physiques, the headset will ship with three adjustable headbands for users to find their ideal level of comfort. Sound processing support for Dolby Pro Logic II is also included, along with Dolby headphone technology for "expanded stereo sound".

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