LED Lighting

LED Lighting

  • Nanoleaf Light Panels Linkers (9 Pack)

    On sale! (normally $29) Create bigger and wall-to-ceiling Light Panels installations with these additional Linkers. Nanoleaf aims to transform simple surface lighting to engaging surface art, powered by Nanoleaf’s high-efficiency RGBW light emitting diode technology.…


  • Nanoleaf Light Panels Mounting Kit

    On sale! (normally $39) Designed for the more permanent and professional installations, the thumbtack mounting option enables users to install their Light Panels to the walls and ceilings using screws to truly secure the panels in place. Perfect for mounting your light…


  • Nanoleaf Rhythm Module

    On sale! (normally $79) Transform music into light with the Nanoleaf Rhythm. Plug it in, turn it on, and embark on a sensory adventure personalised just for you. The Nanoleaf Rhythm Module simply plugs into any of the Nanoleaf light panels and syncs the panels with soun…